About Wipro Infrastructure

A result of our continuous and uncompromising product development, Wipro and Wipro Nummi range of front-end tippers are preferred the world over by truck owners for a variety of applications. We also offer a full range of Under-body tipping kits.
Other applications supported by Wipro include Car carrier and Cabin tilt systems, Tail gate lifts and complete solutions for Refuse vehicles.
We offer complete tipping solutions through double acting and telescopic cylinders, pumps, valves and other accessories.

Wipro Tippers

Wipro has a complete range of front end and under-body tipping gears which, dependent on the application required can be supplied with either stabilizing or non-stabilizing cylinders. Each component of the hydraulic tipping gear is designed to give a combined efficient operation. The hydraulic pump determines the tipping speed; the control valve determines the speed of descent, whilst the tank and filter keep the oil clean. Ensure you use only genuine Wipro parts.

The twin ram tipping gear is a very strong model, where two cylinders provide a heavy duty lifting power as well as lateral stability for tipping.

Single and double side tippers are also available for peat and chip transporters. Side-tipping cylinders, capable of lifting up to 100 tones, have been manufactured for mining use. Support legs that are able to bear 9-tonne loads, fully equipped with locking valves are available to improve tipping safety.