Hydraulic Cylinders

Front End Cylinder

Features of Cylinder

  • High strength impact steel spring stoppers effectively support side impact loads
  • Side loads are supported by wider bearings
  • Secondary 'O ring’ ensures leak free cylinder operation at -40°C to +60°C
  • Bigger trunion diameter resist shear and bending load
  • Hollow piston rods enables easy service maintenance

Body Lock

Rigid and positive body lock for longer life


  • Baffle plate designed for less turbulence and lesser loads on side plates
  • Seamless welding to ensure leak free tank
  • Higher capacity return line filter to handle flow spikes and reduce back pressure
  • Double splash guard filler cum breather to reduce the oil spillage
  • Integrated air filter in suction line in air breather to reduce contamination

Under Body Telescopic Cylinder


  • High strength precision tubes, outer rams ground, polished & chrome plated
  • High strength fatigue resistant end mounting
  • Specially developed high strength, high modular count ductile iron pistons & end covers
  • High life nitrile rubber seals