Pumps & Control Valves

Fixed Delivery Axial Piston Pumps



Wipro Axial Piston Pumps are positive displacement pumps, designed for intermittent duty applications.
  • Simple modular construction with minimum number of parts, for ease of assembly and service
  • Precision manufactured components ensure required form, finish and working clearance, resulting in volumetric efficiency as high as 95%
  • Spheroidal graphite pump body with fatigue resistant shaft material, kidney plate for wear resistance, ensures high degree of reliability and life
  • The pumps are compact and rugged to withstand spike pressures. Heavy duty needle and taper roller bearings withstand heavy side load


  • Truck tipper
  • Dumper placer
  • Roll on Roll off tipper
  • Platform lift
  • Car carrier
  • Truck mounted crane
  • Garbage compactor
  • Winch
  • Forestry equipment
  • Tail gate platform
  • Access platform


Wipro directional control valves are with in-built shock and relief functions. Valves are specially designed for tipping applications where load holding, proportional motion control, flow and pressure shock resistance are extremely important.


  • Tamper proof relief with positive locking for ball seat
  • Well designed flow path to minimize pressure drop across ports
  • Stiffer centering spring to avoid stickiness of valve
  • High strength nodular iron valve block
  • Hydrostatic balanced, multi land support hardened spool
  • Load holding with better spool overlap
  • Compact relief cartridge