Wheeled Waste Bins

Compactor 4 Wheel Bins

2 Wheel Bins

Pole Mounted Litter Bin

Salient Features

Lid Options

Salient Features

  • Wheeled waste bins are manufactured according to DIN 30700 / EN 840
  • Standard emptying both via DIN chute and toothed chute.
  • Wheeled waste bins have a smooth outside surface; the smooth interior guarantees optimum low-noise emptying and easy cleaning.
  • The easy-to-open flat lid is equipped with three well-placed opening handles.
  • All metal parts have been galvanized and are therefore protected against corrosion.
  • The Wheeled waste bins are equipped with four solid rubber tyre with heavy-duty castors diameter of 200mm /load capacity/ wheel: 205 kg.
  • Body is equipped with a water drain (plug) as a standard.
  • When service life ends the complete containers can be recycled.
  • Wheeled waste bins comply with the noise protection ordinance according to the EU Directive and bear the guaranteed acoustic power (CE) mark.
  • ‘Data Carrier (Optional) - Provision for Fixing Transponder is provided,

Optional Features

  • Data carriers device is for mounting a chip, making it possible to identify or weigh by electronic means at a later date. On request the chips can be shrink-fitted during the production process
  • Available in standard colors and special colors